Visus Box 5MP

Box model with 5 MP sensor, and a range of lenses

Intellio's Visus models come equipped with an 8-core ARM processor. Visus cameras offer the competitive edge of on-board detectors and image enhancement technology more sophisticated than those found in most security cameras: the one to be mentioned is advanced motion detection (iTracking). Visus cameras support H.264 SVC coding and camera-side bandwidth management. Data loss is prevented by SD card synchronized data storage.

Designed for indoor use mainly, sealed model with 5 MP sensors, equipped with no lens. Its high sensitivity, physical day/night switch, camera-side bandwidth selection option and integrated on-board intelligence all help versatile deployment. Thanks to its software-based WDR image enhancement technology the shaded and well-lit parts of the image are equally sharp.


  • Integrated on-board intelligence
  • software-based WDR mode
  • 0.65/0.01 lux sensitivity
  • 2560 × 1920 resolution
  • H264 SVC
  • 12 VDC, PoE
  • On-board data storage
  • Sensor: Sensor: Aptina 1/2.5” CMOS, 5 MP, ePTZ
Image Sensor Aptina 5 MP 1/2.5” CMOS Progressive Scan
Sensitivity Day/Night: 0.65 lux / 0.01 lux
Shutter time 1/6 s – 1/20,000 s
Day/night mode TRUE
WDR mode Software
Lenses 1/2.5” format, C/CS mount, DC iris, megapixel resolution
Resolution 4:3: 2560 × 1920, 1920 × 1440, 1280 × 960; 640 × 480,16:9: 2560 × 1440, 1920 × 1080, 1280 × 720, 640 × 360
Frame Rate H.264 4:3: 14 fps (2560 × 1920), 22 fps (1920 × 1440), 40 fps (1280 × 960),H.264 16:9: 16 fps (2560 × 1440), 30 fps (1920 × 1080), 45 fps (1280 × 720)
Image Settings Brightness, Contrast, Gamma, Saturation, Sharpness, Noise Filtering, White balance (5 presets), Operation mode (gain/exp preference), Exposure control, Gain control, Anti-flickering (50Hz/60Hz), Backlight compensation (adjustable zones), Software WDR mode, Day/Night mode (Auto/Day/Night), Day/Night mode preference, Image Mirroring
Encoder Settings Codec Type, Quality, I-frame Distance, Resolution, Frame Limit, Reduced Frame Rate Control, Bandwidth Limit, Pre- and Post-alarm
Video Compression H.264 – Hierarchical P encoding
Bitrate 500 Kbps – 18 Mbps
Streaming Intellio Video Streaming, Dual streaming over RTSP
Ethernet 10BaseT/100BaseTX, RJ-45
IO Ports 6 Pin IO Connector (1 Output (2 Pins), 1 Input (2 Pins), GND, AUX Voltage)
Reset Button Reset To Factory Defaults (IP Address Reset)
SD-card slot Yes
Protocols NTP, TCP/IPv4, DHCP, DNS
Security Camera User Name and Password
Operating Conditions 0 °C – 45 °C
Power Connector Screw Fixable Terminal Blocks | Accessory: Power connector (DC jack 5.5mm/2.1mm)
Power Supply 12 V DC (+2 V, -3 V), 650 mA / PoE Support (IEEE 802.3af – PoE Class 3)
Power Consumption Max. 7.5 W
Weight 385 g (without lens)
Certificates CE: EN 55022, EN 55024, RoHS compliant, FCC compliant in progress
Motion Detection 64 polygon per mask, 8 masks, All masks with adjustable sensitivity and motion percent parameters, Separated motion detector for monitoring and for recording
Extended Intelligence Tampering detectors: Covering detection, Rotation detection, IO port input detector, Tracker based detectors: Intelligent motion detection, Tripwire detection, Entry detection, Direction detection, Object based detector: Object removal / theft detection
Object Tracker 64 polygon for masking, Object behavior settings, Day-time/Night-time sensitivity, Environmental settings


Product description (pdf)
Step by step installation guide
User’s manual for the camera web interface
The latest firmware for Visus cameras
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