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Intellio in the Haladás Sports Complex

Intellio is the first to deliver a camera system compliant to the new 2017 standards defined by the Hungarian Football Association (MLSZ), to be installed in Haladás Sports Complex, Szombathely, Hungary

The call for tenders to deliver and implement a security camera system in the Haladás Sports Arena has been closed. The winner chosen by investors is the Intellisport sports monitoring system, which has been developed by Intellio Inc. for the increased protection and safety of arenas hosting major sports events.

Intellio’s in-house developments guarantee steady long-term operation as well as fast search functions based on event, movement and monitored object. The monitoring system is made up of over 50 3-to--12 megapixel Intellio cameras equipped with advanced onboard intelligence, high availability servers and the IVS4 management software. Thanks to its complex solutions, the zoomable panorama live view of the entire stadium enables ID-grade photos taken from a distance over 100 meters (cca 328 ft).

The new Intellisport monitoring system installed at Haladás Sports Arena is delivered and integrated by Nádor Rendszerház Ltd. and CastrumSec Ltd in the 3rd quarter of 2017.

“It is an honor for the Intellio team to pioneer, in partnership with our system integrator companies, the implementation of a stadium monitoring system compliant with the new 2017 standards defined by the Hungarian Football Association (MLSZ). It is great acknowledgement of our corporation’s achievements that, starting from the 2017/2018 sports season, Intellisport will be deployed in Szombathely, Hungary as well as Debrecen, Hungary,” says Richard Wolf, sales executive of Intellio Inc.