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Connect the dots – video system tuned to GDPR

With GDPR regulations taking effect, data protection rules are in the center of attention. As of May 2018, controllers will pay a high price for handling data irresponsibly and not playing by the rules.

On the market of video surveillance systems, IVS4 is an effective tool to tackle data protection challenges.

GDPR compliance affects almost all companies, due to the nature of personal data. Day after day, we receive personal data and we ourselves become controllers. This is also true for the use and operation of security surveillance systems, so make sure to observe effective regulations in your data protection policy. Crucially, responsibility falls on individual companies. The process can be supported by software, a tool or an IT system, but it is the company that has to comply with GDPR principles.

Observing the regulation in day-to-day tasks

Smartify your existing video surveillance system with IVS4 management software. Smart functions will make surveillance more effective – and make it simple to comply with GDPR.

Data minimisation

Data minimisation – meaning the principle of recording less data – is achieved by Intellio’s event based operation. You can customize data storage rules with a few clicks. Data storage devices can be flexibly adapted to comply with the principle of limited storage periods.

Data security

Data security has been our high priority – from the earliest phases of our product development. Intellio’s unique encryption mechanism is the most up-to-date technology to protect data. Setting your user’s access levels is a piece of cake – even with systems consisting of multiple sites and hundreds of surveillance cameras. The software guarantees that unauthorized personnel will have no access to personal data while in well-grounded cases authorized users have full access to the events. Solutions include the option to designate private zones and to mask movement.

Intellio saves costs and time for your company

With GDPR taking effect, companies will have to face increasing administration workload. Authorities are entitled to audit the architecture and operation of IT systems affected by the regulations – at any given time. Preparing for the security audit is a breeze, thanks to the automatic documenting module of IVS4. A single click reveals the configuration of the video system, the access levels of users, and the location and live view of individual cameras.

The performance monitor integrated in the IVS4 software allows cotinuous monitoring of system performance. Operators have graphically displayed detailed overview of the availability of the entire infrastructure. If any component of the system breaks down, the status monitor sends operators an alert message without delay, allowing immediate intervention and effective system operation.

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