new version of IVS4 video management software new version of IVS4 video management software

Intellio summer news

A new version of IVS4 video management software is now available. At the same time, newly developed IMC4 phone client app can be downloaded from AppStore and GooglePlay.

No more than six months passed since the successful initial release of IVS4, and Intellio is breaking news again with a competitive-edge product lineup. Relentless development work has proved to be fruitful. The latest IVS4 4.1 software version released on July 10 2017 includes new smart functions. As a user-friendly innovation, you can now navigate between cameras even during playback, which is a fast and precise way to find critical events. Beside multiple minor improvements, a new alternative to Intellio’s proven „watermarked” video export, which cannot be manipulated, is the option to also save videos in standard MP4 format.

A second outstanding achievement of the same period is a new version of a mobile transfer technology, Intellio Video Gateway, to link an Intellio server with a new phone app. IMC4 has a user interface similar in design to IVS4. New functions contribute to the full user experience on iOS and Android phones alike. As a practical feature, much like a Facebook app, IMC4 will inform users about predefined events via push notification. Thanks to this new technology users will be alerted even when the software is not running on their phone. Upon alert, video playback starts with a single tap on the phone’s screen – or by opening the event browser interface.

In addition to the new event and footage playback interface, a third achievement is the introduction of the new 4.0 firmware of Visus cameras. Thanks to the new storage system, more robust than ever, meta data and events can also be stored on the SD card. There is no need for plugin installation: the HTML5 replacing the old java plugin makes it possible to enter H.264 live view – or viewing video footage and events recorded on the card – on the camera’s own web interface.